The popular rise in ‘nose-to-tail’ cooking has brought a new lease of life to Britain’s ‘love of offal’ however there is one chef who is already ahead of the curve and bucking the trend on the visible rise of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in London.

Tom Griffiths has made quite a name for himself over last three years, he opened various pop up locations of his famous FLANK residency in sunny Brighton before opening his first London residency in the bustling Spitalfields market in Shoreditch. On screen legends Woody Harrelson and Eddie Redmayne have even been spotted tasting the delights of Giffiths’ creations cooked over an open fire.

With his no-nonsense approach to locally sourced nose to tail cooking and his traditional smoking and open fire cooking techniques, you can expect to leave FLANK with a full stomach and a new found love affair with bone marrow gnocchi, ox tongue and good old British beef.

At our recent Guards London VIP customer event we caught up with Tom to talk about his love affair with fire and food and last ever meal on earth.


What started your love affair with food? 

I got into food as it was the only thing I was good at, I found the education system failed me and cooking was all I had.


What made you choose London for FLANK?


Would you consider opening in Brighton, where the original pop-up was located?

Once we find the right investor and we are able to grow FLANK organically in London, it would be the ultimate to be able to open a neighbourhood place in my home town.


What is it about cooking on an open fire that really does it for you?

Flavour and you can’t hide behind anything,  fire is ultimate. It’s something I find so honest and exciting.


What does it mean to be a meat eater today?

It means your part of a factory farming machine to most however I believe it’s something that needs to change, we source older cows raised in huge open space. We also use pretty much every part. We feel at FLANK we want to change the way we look at meat.


What’s the one thing in the kitchen that you couldn’t live without?



Describe your ideal last meal on earth?

Sunday roast cooked by mum


They say it’s often the third restaurant a chef runs that makes it. Where do you see FLANK going? 

As I mentioned we are currently seeking investment to enable us to expand FLANK; staying honest and cooking great food. Simple and accessible.


What do you like to wear when your whites are in the wash?

Well we partner with Carhartt so that’s my go to in the kitchen, if I’m feeling fancy I like a black Guards City coat, YMC and APC Or the odd Norse projects number matched with a nice pair of red wings.