Dan Hyman is the man of the moment in the modelling industry and in impeccable shape, he’s the face of exquisite high street retailers as well as Guards London. Dan gave us an exclusive insight into how he stays in shape and how you can become a better you with a clear mindset and lifestyle change.


Improving health and fitness isn’t as complicated as many brands make out. If you put good food/fuel into your body, in the correct quantities whilst moving your body in an enjoyable and efficient way, positive things will happen. Results don’t happen overnight, be patient and trust the process you adopt.


Compare your physique, results, fitness level to no one apart from where you were yesterday. Its easy to become disheartened and demotivated by seeing other peoples results, but every single one of us is on our own journey, others peoples physiques and results have no bearing on our own. We are inundated with information particularly on social media about health and fitness, use this for inspiration and motivation, but do not use this to compare yourself to others in completely different circumstances to your own.


Efficient, realistic, focused goals only. ‘To lose weight’- is not a measurable goal and has no ending, which will lead to demotivation.

Instead create focused goals such as: ‘workout 4 times a week’, ‘learn five new healthy recipes this week’, or ‘track my calorie intake every other day.’

These are realistic and measurable, therefore will lead to self-satisfaction, which ultimately leads to increased motivation and adherence.


‘Dry January’ or ‘No chocolate for January’ rules are a waste of time. If you put a date on it, it will lead to rebound. What happens when you get to February. You drink extra because you are ‘allowed’ to again and undo all of your hard work. It’s about setting up a lifestyle in which you are consuming a diet you enjoy, whilst working out in a way you enjoy and making it a part of your daily routine, otherwise it will not be sustainable. Life is too short to be doing something we don’t enjoy for a prolonged period of time.


Restricting your favourite things or going on a very low calorie diet is not the answer and is unsustainable. Sacrifices will probably be necessary to achieve the results you want but not complete restriction. Juice diets/extreme low calorie diets/restriction of food groups/overtraining often work short term but again are unsustainable long term. A balanced healthy diet including the foods you enjoy and being efficient with timing workouts in accordance to social events/alcohol and meals out will lead to a healthier lifestyle and make results much more achievable.


Undereating is slowly becoming more of a problem than overeating. The most common mistake I see is under eating on days where activity is high and over eating on days where activity is low.

For example, adopting a very low calorie diet from Monday to Friday on the days you are active and include a workout in an attempt to be ‘healthy’, and then resting at the weekend and overeating/drinking as a ‘treat’ for a healthy week. This is backwards. The days you work out are the days your body needs more calories, on less active days you will burn less calories therefore your body doesn’t need as many.

Being aware of activity and making small daily changes such as eating less on rest days and more on active days can lead to big changes physically and mentally.


When it comes to improving health and fitness we focus on nutrition and exercise but neglect our mindset. Adopting the correct mindset is equally as important as eating well and looking good. You are only as good as your mindset.  Be positive, be motivated and be focused on becoming better. At the end of the day, you and only you can make the desired changes needed to create a healthier lifestyle.


Insanity is defined as ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. This speaks volumes; a common mistake is reverting back to the diet and exercise regime that failed previously and expecting it to work. Speak to professionals, find what you enjoy nutrition and exercise wise, it may take slightly longer to set up this healthy lifestyle but longer term you will achieve lasting results.

The key to kick starting your new year in a healthy way is to create a healthy LIFESTYLE, not a healthy month. Focus on fuelling your body correctly; moving your body in an efficient way and adopting the correct mindset, positive changes will occur. Don’t seek quick, short-term results that are impossible to maintain, as come January next year you will be in the same position. It will take trial and error but educating yourself in the correct way and making small healthy changes to your routine can make the biggest differences.

I hope this provides education and motivation to start your journey to becoming a better you.

Helping people become better versions of themselves is slowly becoming my favourite thing.

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